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CUIC 8.x fails to import CVP Call Back reports


When trying to import CVP Call back reports it will fail with the following message:

"Import could not be completed: Query validation failed against the selected data source"



While creating a CUIC data source,  the CVP Call back reports pull data from a completely different database. So instead of the documented database which is CVP_DATA, the data source should be pointed to the CALLBACK database.

CVP_Data was developed before the Courtesy Call back feature and its used for reporting that is it is not involved in the call flow, for Courtesy Call back, the Call back databse keep track of the “real-time” and data from its part of the call flow used in the courtesy call back call flow.

To fix this issue, customer needs to create a separate data source in CUIC and point it to the callback database instead of the cvp_data for call back reports. The data source will look something like this:


Doc defect for this: CSCtk11377

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