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CVP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does CVP support post call survey with SIP?

A: CVP 7.0 with SIP does not support post call survey feature, but it is something we are looking to add for the future release.

Q: If the OAMP Server goes offline, does that affect call processing?

A: No. Since OAMP Server component does not involve in any call processing so it should not affect call processing.

Q: Can two or more OAMP Servers control the same set of CVP Servers?

A: No. Each CVP Server can only be managed or controlled by single OAMP Server.

Q: Do you have the TDD (deaf enablement) capabiliaties of CVP documented anywhere?

A: Unfortunately the Cisco Voice Browsers (IOS VXML Gateways) do not render TDD to VoiceXML. Therefore CVP relies on sending a call to a partner when TDD is selected (usually the TDD tone is played as a wave file).

Q: What is Cisco's plan to support CVP on VMWare?

A: At the time of writing of this document, (June 25, 2008) CVP 7.x is supported in labs for VMWare. For production systems, we are evaluating VMWare, but it is premature to say if - and when it would be supported.

Q: I am collecting ATM/PIN digits and sending them to VXML Server. Are these encrypted?

A: Communication between CVP Voice Browser (VXML GW) and VXML Server can be made secure (HTTPS) to enhance the security. However you have to understand and consider its sizing impact as well

Q: Currently we have CVP 3.1 and planning to upgrade to CVP version 7.0.  Is it supported?

A: Unified CVP supports upgrade of its product components from CVP 3.1 SR2, CVP 4.0(X) and CVP 4.1 to Unified CVP 7.0. But when planning upgrade, it is not enough to consider only upgrading the CVP components. There are dependencies all across the solution thay you must be aware of too.

Q: Can CVP update the UUI field in the bye message when transferring a call to PSTN from a SIP environment?

A: The CVP 7.0.2 release should have these UUI enhancements.

Q: We are upgrading from CVP 3.1 to 4.0.2. Can we keep VRU Type 7 and Type 2 settings for now and change them to type 10 later

A: All VRU types that existed before Type 10 will continue to work. Type 10 was created as a convenience to configure CVP in ICM. You can change them at a later date.

Keep in mind, if you are changing to Type 10, all your CVP Network VRUs must be Type 10, including the one assigned to your ICM instance. And your Communication Manager (Call Manager) Network VRU should not be assigned a type.

Q: Is there a way to create video IVR menus using CVP Studio.

A: Currently (August 29th 2008) the CVP Studio 7.x is not capable of doing so. But in future release you would be able to play video IVR menus from VXML script without going to ICM script and calling ICM microapps. In a future version of Studio it will be easier to make ICM scripting and VXML Server work together to create video IVR and other types of complex scripts across platforms.

Q: Is there a VXML Gateway port license required on AS5400XM and ISRs?

A: On the AS5400XM, you do not need to specifically buy any VoiceXML licenses. They come bundled with IOS. However, on the ISRs (2800s and 3800s) you would still need to buy VoiceXML port licenses.

Q: Is G.722 and iLBC codecs supported by CVP?

A: Although CVP is a B2BUA, currently G.722 and iLBC codes are not supported by CVP.

Q: What is the sizing limit for CUBE co-residing with the VXML-GW functionality for CVP Solution?

A: Lets take an example here. If CUBE is to be used as an SBC on Cisco 3845 to handle flow-thru or flow-around calls only (no vxml), then it can support upto 750 sessions.

(This number increased to 3000 for AS5350XM/AS5450XM in flow-around mode). 

If CUBE is to be used as an SBC for flow-thru or flow-around calls AND is to handle vxml sessions for CVP, one must use the same sizing

information in the current CVP SRND that is available for regular voice gateways.

CUBE will be limited to the maximum number of simultaneous vxml sessions/calls as outlined in the CVP SRND for the particular situation and

hardware platform.

For Cisco 3845 the maximum number of SBC calls and VXML sessions it can support in co-resident fashion is 230.

Q: Is it true that agent extension length has to be at least 4 digits long for CVP?

A: Yes it is correct. If a customer configure CVP to dial agent with only 3 digit extension, call will fails and he might see following error:

user.microapp.input_type=D >>STATE: isTabular=false isWriteable=true cursor=-1 dnis=8761 version=CVP_7_0
labeltype=1  label=232 calllegid= >>STATE: isTabular=false isWriteable=false cursor=-1
366: May 15 2009 13:07:34.557 +0300: %CVP_7_0_IVR-3-UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION:

CALLGUID=4D1C19283D4B11DE85EE0022915807EC Processing exception: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException:
String index out of range: 4 (ConnectTask.runTask)
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 4
at java.lang.String.substring(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ 

Agent might go in to reserved state but the call will not be delivered.

Q: Is it true that DNIS length setting in CVP Call Server has to be exactly the same as the length of configured DNIS? Although the filed says "maximum" DNIS length?

A: The answer is Yes. Although the filed on the CVP Call Server says put the max agent DN lenght, you have to put the exact length of the agent otherwise you might receive following error message


335: Oct 21 2009 16:00:12.540 -0700: %CVP_7_0_SIP-3-SIP_CALL_ERROR: CALLGUID = 7954366D100001242B74447E3F57D27D LEGID = 7b872b80-adf1927c-24-b62da8c0 - [INBOUND] - DIALOGUE_FAILURE from ICM Router sends 500 rejection to call. [id:5004]

Q: Is joining the CVP VXML servers to AD is supported in CVP?

A: CVP has always been designed to be OS independent,  thus not testing with any specific operating system features. As such, we cannot state AD is supported, as we have never tested in an AD environment,  and do not have any guidelines regarding deployment models or what to expect.

Q: How many Call Server can be associated with one reporting server? Is there a hard limit? I don’t see any hard limit in OAMP.

A: OAMP does not restrict the number of call servers that can be connected to one reporting server. It depends on the amount of load (aka number of messages at any give time) that is going to be pumped in a reporting server. Typically most customer deployments limit the amount to about 4 callservers per one reporting server.

Q: How a courtesy callback call is placed back into queue in the caller's original position in queue?

A: Estimated wait time (EWT) is being calculated on the time that callers spend in queue awaiting an available agent. Based on history of Calls in queue and how quickly agents are answering calls determines the EWT value.  The call never leaves the queue, so the position in queue remains the same. We are using the EWT to determine if it is time to re-establish the caller leg of the call.

Q: What happens to the Call in CVP Courtesy Callback Scenario if VXML Server failed? OR GW failed where the susvivability.tcl script was invoked for the courtesy call back? Or for some reason ICM failed?

A: In Courtesy Callback, the call is being maintained in the ICM queue and is still using license ports. It is just as if the customer were waiting in queue and listening to queue music, only we have disconnected the caller leg and will re-establish the customer leg when their time in queue comes about. The call remains in the same position of the ICM queue. That said the call could potentially be disrupted by failures of the ICM, gateway and VXML Servers just as it could if it were a live call in queue.

Q: Is CVP 8.5 supported by UCCE 9 ?




I have one question regarding Agent Extension Length . You have mentioned that " If a customer configure CVP to dial agent with only 3 digit extension, call will fails and he might see error ( mentione above)

But in reality we have tested in our LAB & we faced no issue , secondly one of my customer is also using Agent Legth 3 and its working fine .

CVP version 7.x

ICM 7.5

Please reply