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CVP Upgrade and Migration Strategy



This document provide high level steps to the process.


A successful upgrade or migration requires discussing it with your Partner/Cisco 
SE/Cisco NCE/Cisco Accounts in details.
And also a lab buildout to test all scenarios before going into production.

Some Facts

  • CVP 3.1 runs on Windows 2000 platform
  • CVP 4.x runs on Windows 2003 platform
  • CVP 7.x runs on Windows 2003 platform


Migration Paths Requirement and Options

CVP 7.0 supports upgrade from CVP 3.1 SR2, CVP 4.0(x) and CVP 4.1.



CVP 3.1 SR2 to CVP 4.0

CVP 3.1 can either be upgraded to 4.0 or 7.0, not 4.1 directly.  
To go from 3.1 to 4.1, you must go through 4.0

Since CVP versions 4.0 require Windows 2003. So upgrading from CVP 3.1 is not directly possible. Following are just "some very high level" steps to help you plan your upgrade. Please do make additional necessary steps discussing with your partner


  • Backup VoiceBrowser Configs
  • Backup CVP 3.1 Apps and 3rd Party Libs
  • Install Windows 2003 on the Call Servers / Ops Console / VXML Servers
  • Install CVP 4.0(1) on Call Server/ Ops Console / VXML Server
  • Install Unified Call Studio on Win XP machine
  • Import 3.1 Apps
  • Upgrade Studio to 4.1(x)
  • Restore 3rd Party Libs to VXML servers
  • Deploy Studio Apps to VXML servers.



CVP 3.1 SR2 to CVP 7.0

CVP 3.1 can either be upgraded to 4.0 or 7.0, not 4.1 directly. To go from 3.1 to 4.1, you must go through 4.0.

  • The "UnifiedCVPUpgrade" executable is provided on the CVP 4.0.1 and 7.0.1 CD. This utility is used to export the VoiceBrowser settings off a CVP 3.1 box, and to import those settings onto a CVP 4.0/7.0 Server.
  • Upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003



CVP 4.0 or 4.1 to CVP 7.0

  • Upgrade CVP 7.0 compatible new gateway files
  • Upgrade to ICM 7.2(3)
  • Upgrade CUCM to at least 6.1
  • Upgrade IOS GW/GK to at least 12.4(15)T
  • Upgrade Windows to Windows 2003 SP2
  • Upgrade to CVP 7.0


Migrating CVP from one version to another and H.323 to SIP at the same time


Checklist of things to consider

    • CVP Call Server Upgrade
    • CVP Component HW Upgrade
      • Should be compatible to BOM document
    • Potential ICM Upgrade
    • CVP License Upgrade
    • Communication Manager Upgrade
    • Unified Call Studio Upgrade
    • CVP VXML Server Upgrade
    • Gateway/Gatekeeper/VXML Gateway Upgrade
      • Possible memory upgrade
      • Potential new hardware upgrade
      • Possible memory upgrade
      • Potential new hardware upgrade
    • Cisco ICM Upgrade
    • Cisco Unified Presence Server (SIP Proxy)
    • Third-Party ASR/TTS Server
    • Cisco Support Tools
    • CSS - Content Services Switch Upgrade
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