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Daylight Savings Time (DST) Fallback for Fall 2010


Within the United States, Daylight Savings Time ends (Standard Time begins) on November 7th, 2010 at 2:00am at which time clocks should roll back one hour.  This document will host a consolidated list of all known issues affecting Cisco Unified Communications products for Fall 2010 DST fallback.

Known Issues

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

1. CSCtg50448 - DST: Update CM for Olson TZ ver 2010i

This issue affects many countries within Europe as well as several countries outside of Europe.  Refer to the Release Note

for a full list of affected locations.

Table 1-1: Summary of fixed versions for CSCtg50448: Released Version
Engineering Special
COP file patch
8.0(2)None8.0.2.41007-1ciscocm.dst-updater.2010i-2.el4.8.0.2.cop.sgn *
7.1(5)None7.1.5.12008-1ciscocm.dst-updater.2010i-2.el4.7.1.5.cop.sgn *

ciscocm.dst-updater.2010i-2.el4.7.1.3.cop.sgn *

*The ciscocm.dst-updater.2010i-1.el4.X.Y.Z.cop.sgn patch also includes this fix.

2. CSCtj75860 - Inconsistent changeover for DST spring & fall in Continental US, Canada

This issue affects the United States and Canada.

Table 2-1: Summary of fixed versions for CSCtj75860: Released Version
Engineering Special
COP file patch


The fix for both CSCtg50448 and CSCtj75860 are included in the file ciscocm.dst-updater.2010i-2.el4.X.Y.Z.cop.sgn (where X.Y.Z indicates the version of CUCM).  The appropriate patch file per version may be found in tables 1-1 and 1-2 above.

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