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Daylight Savings Time Fallback for Fall 2009



Fallback for US Daylight Savings time happens on November 1.  Other contries in the northern hemisphere are also falling back.  Countries in southern hemisphere are springing forward.  We will attempt to collect all information related to 2009 DST fallback event here.  The primary focus is Unified Communications but we will cover other products when possible.  This document intends to privoide an overview.  For specific details on each issue refer to the associated hyperlink to Field Notice, Cisco Bug Toolkit, Cisco Software Center, or other appropriate resource.


Unified Communications Manager

    1. Primary document is Field Notice 63213 with fixed versions cited in the "Solutions" section.  This primarily affected 2nd Gen Phones.      
      • CSCsy25150 tracks fix for most versions
      • CSCsy33379 addresses version 6.x
      • The patch file ciscocm.dst_march_2009.cop.sgn provided in March only addresses the March 2009 "spring forward". It does not patch the Novemenber "fall back".  If patch file is installed but cluster not upgraded to an appropriate fixed version then DST will start early in March 2010.
      • Summary of fixed versions: Released Version
      Engineering Special
      7.0(2)7.0(2a) - 7.0(2.20000.005)7.0(2.11004.002)
      7.0(1)7.0(1)SU1a - 7.0(1.11002.004)7.0(1.21022.002)
      6.1(3)6.1(3b)SU1 - 6.1(3.3190.1)
      6.1(3b)  6.1(3.3000.1)
      5.1(3)5.1(3f) - 5.1(3.7000.5)5.1(3.6104.1)


  1. Changes since that checkpoint:
    1. UCM7.1(3) introduces a new method of updating Time Zone data so that upgrades are no longer required. See UCM 7.1(3) Release Notes,Maintaining Correct Time Zone Data
    2. UCM has possibly confusing administration addressed by CSCtc52241.  The term "Legacy Phones" refers to all phones loads prior to 9.0(2). Currently there are no 9.0(2) or later phone loads past FCS so all phone loads currently availalbe to customers are "legacy".
      • Related to that is CSCtc81478.  After upgrade from 5.1(3) to 7.1(3) 3rd Gen Phones always display GMT. Timezones for "legacy phones" are not available for selection in CCMAdmin administration web pages.
    3. Argentina elected to not observe DST this year. 3rd Gen Phones may still apply DST.  Follow CSCtc85618. We plan to facilitate this change using the new timezone update feature in 7.1(3) and later versions.  Older versions likely will not be patched.
    4. Western Australia elected to not observe DST this year.  Follow CSCsz86131.


  1. Primary document is Field Notice 62673
  2. For the telephone user interface (TUI) to have the correct time, Windows must be patched for DST and have the correct time.  No other Engineering Specials or patches are required for the TUI to have the correct time.
  3. For Unity Inbox (accessed via CiscoPCA) to have the correct time with Unity 4.0(5) ES39, 4.1(1) ES34 and Unity 4.2(1) you must install a patch located in the Cisco Unity patches.  No patches are required for Unity 5.0(1) or 7.0(1).
  4. Australia should be aware of CSCtc11035 and make sure they apply the correct ESes (Unity 4.2.1ES173, Unity 5.0(1)ES82 and 7.0(1)ES31 or later)  and update the JRE.


Unity Connection

  1. Primary document is Field Notice 62668

  2. Unity Connection 1.2(1) must install SR2 and install the Microsoft Windows OS DST patch.
  3. Unity Connection 2.x and later do not need any patches for DST changes.           
    • Australia DST should be aware of CSCtc25326 and needs to be on Unity Connection 7.0(2)ES27, 7.1(2)ES21, 7.1(3)ES2 or later.


  1. 3rd Gen Phones - aka TNP Phones include models 7906, 7911, 7941, 7942, 7945, 7961, 7962, 7965, 7970, 7971, 7975
  2. 2nd Gen Phones - include models 7902, 7910, 7935, 7936, 7937, 7940, 7960
  3. FCS - First Customer Ship - when a begins shipping as a production product


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