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Direct Upgrade Procedure for Virtualized CUCM Release 8.0(2) through 9.0(1) to 9.1(x)

Direct Upgrade Procedure for Virtualized Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 8.0(2)–9.0(1) to 9.1(x)



This document provides procedures for performing a direct upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified Communications Manager) Release 9.1(x) from virtualized Releases 8.0(2) through 9.0(1).


About direct upgrades

Unified Communications Manager Releases 8.0(2) and higher support virtualization.

This document is applicable to Unified Communications Manager clusters with the following environment:

• Any of the following Unified Communications Manager Releases are installed: 8.0(2) through 9.0(1).

• Your current Unified Communications Manager release is running in a virtualized environment.

• No changes are required to the IP addresses or hostnames for the Unified Communications Manager upgrade. If you need to change IP addresses or hostnames, you must do so in a separate maintenance window, prior to the upgrade. For more information, see Changing the IP Address and Hostname for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 9.1(1).

New Member

If i upgrade a virtualized 8.5(1) cluster to 9.1(2) by using the direct upgrade procedure, will be the disk partitioning ok or i will have the Partitions unaligned error?



New Member

Hello Christian,


Did you ever get an answer to that question ?

The procedure does not mention any requierment to change the partition onf the VM.

Quid ?





New Member

Hi Oliver,

 you have the problem also if the source version is a 8.5(1).



New Member

Thanks for the feed back Christian.


We are actually running 8.6, butit seems we still need to do a fresh install after the upgrade to restore the data onto it. This is due to the fact that Cisco recommends 1 HD of 110Gb for version 9 while we run on 2 HD of 80 Gb on 8.6.