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Emails not getting assigned to agents intermittently

CIM 4.2.5 (ES5)

Emails come in the system and get assigned to the queue, but not getting assigned to the agents.  This is intermittent behavior.

You will see in table egpl_casemgmt_activity that the ASSIGNED_TO field getting populated with "-1".  The reason emails are not being assigned to the agent by round robin is probably because table egpl_user_load has wrong entries in it (due to user load sync issues, bug/cdet CSCti45958). 

The only workaround available is to update table egpl_user_load and set the count field (which is the load) to the correct value and restart workflow process and instance.

        Query used:- update egpl_user_load set count=N where user_id=xxxx

Note:  Replace xxxx with the actual user id.  Count=N, where N is total number of activities that are in  5000/5100 and 5000/5900 status/sub_status in table egpl_casemgmt_activity.   In other words,  N should be equal to the result of the below query (for a particular user).  For entries which are not present in below query result, for that user set count to zero.

select assigned_to,activity_type,activity_sub_status,count(*) as count from egpl_casemgmt_activity
where assigned_to = <USRER_ID> and activity_status=5000
group by assigned_to,activity_type,activity_sub_status

Note:  After updating the DB, be sure to restart workflow process and instance.

Upgrade to CIM 4.3.  Issue is addressed in CIM 4.3 where table egpl_user_load is converted to view on egpl_casemgmt_activity, so the user load not in sync issue is non-existent in 4.3 release.