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Enabling the Hunt Group & Pickup tab in the Jabber for Windows client


This document describes the new feature introduced in Jabber for Windows (J4W) 10.5. It now supports CUCM Hunt Group and Call Pickup Group with an option for Hunt Group Login/Logout.


CUCM IP phones provide the option for Hunt Login/Logout in the Phone Button Template. This setting can be enabled in the Jabber client by configuring policies in the jabber-config.xml file.









The policy enables the Hunt Group & Pickup tab in the Jabber for Windows client.



The tab will be displayed irrespective if the Softphone has been registered or not.


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New Member

Good Post...Very Useful.. Thanks 

Cisco Employee

Thank you Christian.


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New Member

Great post, looking forward to implementing in our environment.  One question though; is there a way to have the tab show up on just specific users JABBER?


If the user is not a member of a hunt or pickup group will the tab not be shown?


We have maybe a hundred users out of 20K worldwide who currently use the Hunt feature, i know i would get a deluge of calls in if this new tab showed up on all of their Jabber clients.



Cisco Employee

Hi Hallinan,


Thank you for the comment.

If the user is not a member of a hunt or pickup group will the tab not be shown? - The tab will still be shown.


You can implement the feature for selective users by using group configuration file. Please refer the below documentation.


The parameter 'configurationFile=group_configuration_file_name.xml' needs to be applied on Cisco Support Field configuration in the  user's CSF Device page.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for sharing this. 



CSC Moderator

Great going Nirmal. :)

New Member

Great post.... we have confiugred out config file, but it did not create the new hunt group tap.  Not sure if I am missing something to create the new tab.

New Member

Did you restart the TFTP service after uploading the new config file? Did you restart the client after that? 

Cisco Employee

Hi Tracy,


Please provide a Problem Report from the Jabber client. Also, please provide me the jabber-config.xml file that you created. I will take a look at it.




Nirmal Issac

New Member

Is it possible to turn off the call pickup group pop-ups for individual clients? I have users who are part of a call pickup group so Admin Assistants can pick up their calls, but the users themselves do not pick up calls. On the individual phones I can turn their notifications off, but in Jabber they are getting the pop-ups when other people get calls. Thanks.

Cisco Employee

So those users should not have the tab itself? Maybe you can try Jabber group configuration file where you can selectively disable tab for certain users with a different xml file.



New Member

It worked very well! Great post, many thanks!!

New Member

I get the tab and the text but the ability to log in is grayed out.  I tried using a group configuration so I could test, then I also tried removing that and uploading the changes to the global jabber-config.xml, restarting the TFTP service and logging/exiting out of jabber between each attempt.

Screenshot attached.  Thanks for any ideas.


EDIT: Answering my own question.  Failed to mention this is on a VM desktop using VXME and the documentation says Hunt Groups are not supported in this environment.  The feature works fully on a local machine as described in the article.

New Member

I can't get the Hunt Group & Pickup button to appear.

I only have a jabberLocalConfig.xml file, and after editing, when jabber is run it renames this file jabberLocalConfig-backup.xml and creates a new jabberLocalconfig.xml file without the Policies options.

Anything else I need to enable this?


Where do you see this file?

You have to change the jabber-config.xml and upload it to CUCM and restart tftp service

New Member

Yea I uploaded the edited xml file on the server, but still no button on jabber. So I tried editing the xml file on the windows client, still no button. There must be something else that needs to be turned on, any ideas?

New Member

Make sure you upload it to every CUCM subscriber.  Jabber randomly picks one to seek first before finding home server.  Are you uploading it as the default jabber-config.xml or did you create a new xml and reference it in the device config under Cisco Support Field?  If it's custom, be sure your syntax is correct.  It should look like this...


It is case sensitive.

Once you've uploaded it to every subscriber AND restarted the TFTP service on every subscriber, exit Jabber on the client, delete the "AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber" directory in the user profile and the "AppData\Roaming...\Jabber" directory to reset it.

The first time you sign in and the device registers, you won't see the Hunt Group button.  Sign out, Exit, and sign back in, then it should appear.  This is because your client registers successfully before it has downloaded the custom config.  Obviously this is only relevant if you aren't using the default.

New Member

I was missing the </config> in my xml file, fixed that and looks to be working thanks for the help.

New Member

Did this question get answered? Jabber clients are getting the pop-ups when other people get calls - I would like to turn this pop-up off but keep the PickUp Tab in place

New Member

Hi All,

Does anyone know if it's possible to log users in/out of specific hunt groups ? The tick box currently removes them from all groups however my customer has a situation where they want to have users login/out of groups during busy times.

Would be a great facility to have as our customer has limited buttons on their CP-7841 devices.

Kind Regards,


New Member

As far as I know you can only log out form all groups at the same time with native huntgroup functionalities. In addition I would like to mention that the article from Nirmal relates to Jabber in softphone mode only.