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Error when making changes in the configuration manager by Admin Workstation (AW) Client


When trying to make changes in the configuration  manager by Admin Workstation (AW) Client, the following error message  appears:

Failed to update the database.
Error attempting to  connect to DbAgent.

AW Client is unable to make changes because the  named pipes connection is not working towards the AW  Distributor.


The cause of this issue is  mentioned in the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

and the issue is resolved in the

If KB921883 is installed in win2k3 server or in Windows XP,  then the  operating system must be updated with KB924054 security update to solve this  issue.

New Member


I have exact same error on the actual AW Distributor PC.

And the fix does not apply, because the PC is Windows 2003 Server SP2!  and when I try to apply the hotfix it says I already have more recent updates applied.

When I try to run "Configuration Manager" it says: "Error attemtping to connect to DbAgent"

At the same time the following shows up on "Distributor updateaw" process window:

22:25:07 Trace: [client: Launcher(upcc)] AW Operation WaitNamedPipe on Pipe \\WIN3K1\pipe\ICM\lab01\RouterA\ failed.

22:25:11 Trace: Info: Trace client on pipe 0x1ec disconnected.

  Last API Error [109]: The pipe has been ended.

Anyone has any idea about this one? or how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks a lot,