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Factory Reset a CTS endpoint

A TAC engineer might request that you factory reset your endpoint as a troubleshooting step. Factory resets can be attempted to fix corrupt password files, DSP issues, registration problems, configuration problems and audio issues. Often we will factory reset a codec before RMAing it to ensure it has a hardware issue.

To factory reset a CTS, you will need access to the CLI or web GUI of the codec, as well as a local contact onsite who can plug into the primary codec to restore the configuration. They will need an Ethernet cable and a laptop.

Factory reset will do the following:

  1. Clear IP and CUCM configuration
  2. Delete CTL
  3. Reset camera focus and white balance
  4. Reset microphone calibration
  5. Downgrade the codec to the version in the Factory Slot

You should expect to be down for at least 2 hours.

Backup Configuration in the Web GUI

Most CTS configuration is stored on CUCM, but we will need to re-address the endpoint and point it to CUCM after the reset. To ensure these settings are 100% correct, we recommend taking a screenshot of the IP Settings configuration tab and the Unified CM tab.


Factory Reset

To factory reset from from the CLI, run either utils system factory reset (CTS 1.7+) or utils system reset factory (older versions). Type yes in the following prompt.

Alternatively, you can press the button under Configuration Issues in the GUI. If the endpoint needs a factory reset, this is usually less reliable:


Restore Configuration

The endpoint will go down to reboot and come up on the factory image. The onsite person now needs to plug in and restore IP connectivity.

  • Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into a laptop and one end into the orange document camera port on the primary codec. It is OK to unplug a cable from it so long as you replace it later.


  • Ensure your local network interface is set to DHCP, the codec will assign your laptop an IP address. On Windows 7 you can set this under Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections. Right click your wired interface and go to Properties. Then go to Internet Protocol Version 4 and hit Properties again. Make sure this is set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically".

  • Open a command prompt and type ipconfig. Find the IP address for your wired connection.

  • In a web browser, go to where the first three octects match your local IP address. The codec will likely assign you an address like In that case, open a browser and go to to bring up the web GUI. The codec can also assign 10.x.x.x addresses.

  • Restore the configuration under IP Settings and Unified CM from the screenshots you took earlier.

The system should reconnect to CUCM, download it's configuration, and upgrade its image back up to the configured version. During this process the endpoint will reboot multiple times. Documentation

Factory reset:

Restoring configuration:

New Member

Quick check Tyler,

presently we don’t have CUCM local and currently codec itself is unreachable from network, can we still proceed to factory reset cts standalone from cli without networking connectivity and without communication to cucm?

Thanks and to hear from you soon.....



Cisco Employee

Sorry for the late response, but yes, it's OK to factory reset without network connectivity. The codec will simply revert to the code on its factory slot (and not upgrade again until it can reach CUCM). You will still be able to access it locally, it's not like IP Phones where you can factory reset them and they can get stuck in "Upgrading..." without DHCP network access.