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Factory Reset Ex60/Ex90 TC5.1 onwards


(view in My Videos)


This video demonstrates the Factory Reset Procedure on Ex series using the Power Button. Please find the steps below which were performed :


1. When the unit is off (power must be plugged in), press and hold the power button


2. Wait until the power LED goes dark and then light up again (approximately 10 seconds).


3. Then release the power button and press it twice.


4. The system will boot up and display a confirmation message on the video screen if the process was successful.




Mubashshir Akhtar

New Member

Nice video..!

Cisco Employee


I would like to stress that this procedure is only valid starting from TC5.1.0 onwards. Look for

Harmonized factory reset  in the document here. [page 71].

Cisco Employee

Great video Mubashshir!

I've been struggling over and over to perform a factory reset by using the old procedure.

This is the right way to demonstrate things like these, thanks a lot!

I'll add comments on the other EX90 factory reset posts pointing to this video, so others wont have to waste as much time as I have been doing, and start to think they're going nuts!



Thanks Fred,

I am glad it helped you out to resolve the issue . Very happy to get your feedback.


Mubashshir Akhtar

New Member


i have a network problem with my ex60 unit and tested the hard reset procedure above but didn't work. would you please help me ?


Hi Mohamed,

The procedure above is for the devices running TC5.1 and above. Can you verify what is the version of the software running on your device?

You can give a try with this old method:

By using the power button (Prior to TC5.1)

  • Unplug power cable
  • Replug power cable
  • Imediately when the green led in the bottom left corner lights up, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds (the led will turn off), until the green led lights up again.
  • Push the power button twice within two seconds (two short pushes)

If your device is running a software prior to TC5.1, this method should work for you.


Mubashshir Akhtar

New Member

I can seem to get this to work. I have tried ten 10 times do you have an older model you can do a video on????

New Member

Great video - worked for me. For clarification, the light is grey/white and not green like the documentation states. thanks!

New Member

Thanks brother!

New Member


I am facing an issue I have EX 90 the touch panel connected direct to it and it has handset. When I pick up the handset I am able to listen to the tone also If I made I call I am able to listen to the ringing tones. But If the other side pick up the call I can listen to them but they are not able to listen to me. Any idea please. Or I have to raise RMA.