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FAQ: How can you delete all of the content on the DMP's Flash (USB1\USB2)


I am trying to find a method of deleting the contents of USB1 and\or USB2 by a MIB,
advanced task, DMS-CD, etc...

I know we can do this manually but we are looking for a solution for 100+ DMPs 
that they want to blanket erase all of flash (usb1 or usb2)...

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated..


This is how you can accomplish the deletion of all content
on USB1 & USB2.

Two methods:  (Browser MIB or Advanced Task that you create)

Browser MIBs

 admin          = DMP Web Account Username
 default        = DMP Web Account Password
 a.b.c.d        = IP Address of DMP

Advanced Tasks--> System Tasks
Name\Description = Clean USB1 on DMP
Request Type     = Set
Request          = mng.command=write+sh+FG+rm+-rf+/tmp/ftproot/usb_1/

Name\Description = Clean USB2 on DMP
Request Type     = Set
Request          = mng.command=write+sh+FG+rm+-rf+/tmp/ftproot/usb_2/

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