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FAQ: Password Recovery for a DMP-4400G

The HARD RESET on the DMP-4400G is the method used to RESTORE
the DMP to Factory Defaults.

- Make sure the DMP is connected to the DHCP enabled LAN and Powered on.

- Turn the DMP around and locate the "Reset" button on the back panel.

- Take a sharp object (such as a Pen, Paper Clip, etc) and PRESS the RESET button.

  NOTE: Keep the reset button pressed for at-least 20 seconds, release the reset button. 
        At this point you should see both the LEDs solid and You may here an audible beep.

- The DMP should be in the process of restarting.  Wait for 10-15 seconds. At this point the 
  DMP is restored to factory default.  On the attached display, you should see the DMP splash'  
  screen with the DMP's IP address (acquired from DHCP server).

- Connect to the DMP using your browser to access the DMP-DM (Web Admin Gui).  

  For DMS-DMP software versions 5.0/5.1 use:

  For DMS-DMP software versions 5.2.x use:

- The default credentials for the DMP are:

  For DMS-DMP software versions 5.0/5.1:
  USER = admin   PASSWORD = default 

  For DMS-DMP software versions 5.2.x:
  USER = admin   PASSWORD = Cisco123 

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