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FAQ: What are the RS232 codes for the Cisco 32N LCD? (The Cisco 40\52N codes do not work)


Are the serial commands for power on/off for the Cisco 32" LCDs different 
than the 40" and 52" monitors?
The "rs232.tx_hex=aa11fe010111" for power on and "rs232.tx_hex=aa11fe010010" work 
fine on the 40"s but the 32"s do not respond to these same commands.
I know the 40" and 52" LCDs are Samsung. The 32"s appear to be LG so I would 
suspect the serial commands would be different as well.
I have been unable to find any documentation for the 32"s.


There are various methods of controlling the
Cisco 32N LCD.

Method 1
Access the DMM-Digital Signs Module and use
the DMP Manager.  There is a Control TV icon.
You can power on and off the Cisco 32N from 
here along with other rs232 control commands.

Method 2
Access the DMM-Digital Signs Module and in
the Advanced Tasks you can create a Power
On & Off task for the Cisco 32N.  

- Select "DMP Display Controls" Application Type

- Click on the "Add New Application" Icon

- Select TV Type (Cisco 30N)

- Select Power (On\Off)

- Submit

- Repeat Process for the OFF Task

Method 3

Cisco 32" - RS232.Control

Use RS232 commands on the DMP 

You can create a System Task under the Advanced Settings.
You can create a Power On, Power Off, and Check rs232 Settings

- Create system task "Cisco 32N LCD ON"

use type "set"



- Create system task "Cisco 32N LCD OFF"

use type "set"



- Check DMP RS232 Settings (This setting will allow you to check the RS232

use type "get"


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