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G.728 Voice codec audio  standard

Complete  Definition

G.728 is a ITU-T standard for  speech coding operating at  16 kbps. Technology used is Low Delay Code Excited  Linear Prediction LD-CELP.   Delay of the codec is only 5 samples (0.625 ms). The linear prediction is   calculated backwards with a 50th order LPC filter. The excitation is generated   with gain scaled VQ. The standard was finished in 1992 in the form of algorithm   exact floating point code. In 1994 a bit exact fixed point codec was released.   G.728 passes low bit rate modem signals up to 2400 bit/s. Also network  signaling  goes through. The complexity of the codec is 30 MIPS. 2 kilobytes of  RAM is  needed for codebooks.

ITU  G.728 Status

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