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Greetings and spoken names volume is higher than the volume of Unity prompts


This is the most common symptom of audio quality problems in Cisco Unity version 3.1(2) or later. This symptom frequently occurs when an upgrade to version 3.1(3) is performed, but is not restricted to this upgrade.

To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Check and adjust the Cisco Unity Automatic Gain Control (AGC) settings, if necessary (set to the -26 decibels [dB] default value).
  2. Confirm that the Cisco Unity-CM Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) Service Provider (TSP) wave gain playback and record settings are both set to 0.
  3. Run the Set Volume Level utility to bring pre-upgrade greetings and voice names to the Cisco Unity 3.1(3) dB levels.
  4. Check and adjust the Cisco Unity-CM wave gain playback setting, if necessary.

For information on how to download the Set Volume Level utility and detailed instructions on its use, refer to the Set Volume Level Utility section of Audio Quality.

For more information about resolving volume distortion, refer to Audio Decision Tree for Cisco Unity 2.46 and 3.0x.

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