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How do you use and configure QRT?


The Quality Report Tool (QRT), a voice-quality and general problem-reporting tool for Cisco CallManager IP phones, extends to IP phones as an NT service.

QRT comprises the viewer application key component. The QRT viewer, located in the tools menu in Cisco CallManager serviceability, allows you to filter, format, and view problem reports that are generated. For more information on the QRT viewer, refer to QRT Viewer .

You can configure the Cisco IP phone with QRT, which is installed as part of the Cisco CallManager installation, so that users can report problems with phone calls. Users report issues by using a Cisco IP phone QRT softkey. Any Cisco IP phone that supports an HTTP web server also includes support for QRT. The IP phone must be in the Connected, Connected Conference, Connected Transfer, or On-Hook states for the QRT softkey to be available.

When users press the QRT softkey on their IP phone, they are presented with a list of problem categories. Users can then choose the appropriate problem category, and the system logs their feedback in the XML file. What actual information gets logged depends on the user selection and whether the destination device is a Cisco IP phone. For further information on how to use QRT, refer to the Troubleshooting Your Phone section of Cisco IP Phone 7905G/7912G Guide for Cisco CallManager 4.1.3

For more information on QRT, refer to the Quality Report Tool.

Community Member

In the Call Manger that I am using, version 9.1, there is no QRT Viewer in the tools menu.  Nor is there a Cisco Callmanager Serviceability, there is only Cisco Unified Serviceability.  Where to I find the QRT?