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How does the subscriber and system data flow from DGW to the PTT server and the TTDAS with DE?


This is how data flows from the Data Gateway (DGW) to the Push-To-Talk (PTT) application server and the TimesTen Data Authority Server (TTDAS) with Data Exchanger (DE):

  1. The PTT server registers at DE with an application name, and communicates its primary and secondary server name and status with the DE through the getSEDataNotifyManager method.
  2. The PTT server invokes the getSEDataAccessManager with the same name and password, in order to bind the Ar interface. This allows the PTT server to pull data.
  3. DE binds the PTT servers.
  4. DGW publishes an update on the message bus (Sonic broker).
  5. DE writes into the TTDAS.
  6. DE publishes the update to the An queue.
  7. DE reads objects from the An queue.
  8. DE makes interface validation and calls the PTT server.

Note: The PTT server uses an interface in order bind with DE.

Note: DE uses an inteface in order to read objects from the the An queue.

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