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How Maximum Attempts work in Dialer

Maximum attempts = Zone 1 attempts + Zone 2 attempts. Default =3.

If the customer misses the call then the dialer will dial the customer for 3 times and then close the record. If for example of the customer request a call back then this Maximum attempts will be reset.

Example: If customer request a call back at 2nd attempt, then you will see 5 records in the dialer detail table (2 attempts+ 3 attempts if the customer does not answer the call)

Changing the Max Attempts from 5 to 8

- The record will be marked as M when it has completed 5 attempts and once you make change to the Max-Attempts then it will try 3 more times and the Max number of attempts will be 8 and then the record will be

marked as 'M'. And it will not be 8+5

Decreasing the Max-Attempt count: Example: Changing the value from 5 to 3

- In this case if the record has already made more than 3 attempts then as soon as you make change to the Max-Attempt that record will be marked as 'M', so it will not make any tries. So here the Max-attempt may be in between 3-5 because if you make changes to Max attempt after it already crossed the 3 attempts.

CSCtg45899: Max- Attempts not updated when the count is decreased from the cmg.

The work-around is as follows:

if you wanted to change the Max-attempts from 3 to 2: 
  1)      Reduce Max-Attempts from 3 to 1 in the campaign configuration and  save.
  2)      Increase the configuration from 1 to 2 and save (Now the Max- Attempts will be reflected in the dialing lists as 2).