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How the overflow agent works with 2 Dialers

Two dialers active, each dialer at any particular moment will try to reserve/detect only half the number of agents at any particular time.

i.e Ex: if there are 2 dialers and 4 agents then, each dialer will try to reserve only 2 agents.(This is to make sure that  a single dialer does not reserve all the agents when they are available and only reserve half of them).

Agent availability for a particular dialer is calculated by dividing the number of agents by number of dialers.

If there are only 3 agents(odd) available for 2 dialers, each dialer during skill balancing, observes only as 1 agent available.

Ex from one of the case:

13:36:28 dialer-baDialer Trace: (SGM)     Skill group stats received, SG: 112, agents - logged in: 4, available: 3

13:36:28 dialer-baDialer Trace: (SGM)     Skill group balance, SG: 112 Agents - logged in: 4, percentage: 100, available: 1, resrving: 0,

cumulative ports needed: 5.00

13:36:28 dialer-baDialer Trace: (SGM)     Skill group balance, SG: 112, Port Percentage: 100.000000, Ports: 96 --> Ports Allocated: 96

13:36:28 dialer-baDialer Trace: (SGM)     Predictive reserve request,SG: 112, count: 1

13:36:28 dialer-baDialer Trace: (PDR)       Predictive dial request, SG: 112, count: 0

Further with two dialers and overflow set to 1 and number of agents logged in 4, dialer will dial out only when 2 agents are available for each dialer.

Since this condition is not met with 3 agents and 2 dialer (as the dialer will never see 2 agents available) the dialer will not dial out.