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How the Voice Components are Interrelated in PGW2200


This documents covers the use of Components in the PGW2200 Signaling Mode, stating the purpose of creating OPC, DPC, SS7 linksets, link and states how the voice components are Interrelated.  Attached diagram will explains the Interrelation of each component.


Step1 : Creating OPC & DPC 

<<Prov-add:opc:name="opc",netaddr="171.1.4",netind=2,type="trueopc",desc="origination point code"

<<Prov-add:dpc:name="dpc1",netaddr="171.1.3",netind=2,desc="DPC of PSTN Switch A"

Step2: Creating linkset for the ss7 links connected from PGW to PSTN through the MGW

<<Prov-add:lnkset:name="ls01",apc="dpc1",type="IP",proto="SS7-ANSI",desc="Linkset from PGW to STP A"

Step3: Creating SS7 Route Interconnecting the above created linkset “ls01” using step 2.

<<Prov-add:ss7route:name="ss7route1",opc="opc",dpc="dpc1",lnkset="ls01",pri=1,desc="Route 1 to PSTN Switch A through LS01"

Step4: Creating SS7 Path Interconnecting the OPC & DPC created in step 1.

<<Prov-add:ss7path:name="ss7sigsvc",mdo="ANSISS7_STANDARD",opc="opc",dpc="dpc1",custgrpid="d125",desc="SS7 signaling path to PSTN Switch A"

Step5 : Creating Extnode ie MGW

<<Prov-add:extnode:name="nas1",desc="NAS 1",type="AS5300",isdnsigtype="N/A",group=0

Step6: Adding IP routes from PGW to reach the MGW

<<Prov-add:iproute:name= "iproute-1-to-itp-l-1", desc="First IP Route to itp-l-1", dest="", netmask="", ipAddr="IP_Addr1",pri=1, nexthop=""

<<Prov-add:iproute:name="iproute-2-to-itp-l-1", desc="Second IP Route to itp-l-1", dest="", netmask="", ipAddr="IP_Addr2",pri=1, nexthop=""

Step7: Adding Session sets which establishes session thru port 7000 from PGW to MGW and addressed thru the IP routes created in step 6.

<<Prov-add:sessionset:name="sessionset-1",port=7000,peerAddr1="", peerAddr2="",peerport=7000, ipAddr1="IP_Addr1",ipAddr2="IP_Addr2", [ipRoute1="iproute-1-to-itp-l-1", ipRoute2="iproute-2-to-itp-l-1",] extnode="itp-l-1",type="BSMV0"
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

Step8: Creating SS7 links ie c7iplink and associating with linkset “ls01” created in step2.

<<<Prov-add:c7iplnk:name="c7iplink1",desc="C7IPlink-1 in ls 1",pri=1,slc=0,lnkset="ls01", sessionset="sessionset-1",timeslot=0

Step9: Creating IP link thru Port 3001 to interconnect with the MGW

<<Prov-add: IPLNK:name="iplnk-link-1",desc="Iplink 1 to mgw",svc="nasp-path1", ipaddr="IP_Addr1", PORT=3001, PEERADDR="10.30.1X.13",PEERPORT=3001,PRI=1, iproute="iprouteL1"

Step10: Creating Nailed Trunks ie E1 channels for User communication with CIC

<<Prov-add: NAILEDTRNK: name="1501",srcsvc="ss7p-sw-1", srcspan="ffff",srctimeslot="1",dstspan="0",dstsvc="nasp-path1",dsttimeslot="1"

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