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How to adjust the volume of the MoH source on a Cisco CallManager

Core Issue

The Music on Hold (MoH) volume is too loud. On some devices, the volume can sound distorted. Even after the .wav file is recorded softer and re-encoded, the MoH still plays too loud.


The volume of a custom-created MoH source is defined by a service parameter that occurs when the audio source is created through the Cisco MoH Audio Translator service.

To change the volume of an audio source, modify the service parameter and re-translate the audio source.

To modify the service parameter that affects the MoH audio source volume, perform this procedure:

  1. In an Explorer web browser window, open the Cisco CallManager Admin web page.
  2. Select Service menu, then the Service Parameters menu item.
  3. On the server drop-down box, select a Cisco CallManager server. The parameter changed affects all Cisco CallManager servers in the cluster, so it does not matter which server is selected.

  4. On the Service drop-down box, select Cisco MOH Audio Translator.
  5. Click the Advanced button to view all service parameters.

  6. Adjust the default MoH volume level.

    The default is -24, and the volume is measured in decibels (DB). Enter a value in the range of -48 to 0. For example, change to -28 for a softer source, or -20 for a louder source. The change in volume affects only audio files processed after the change.

Note: The service parameters setting works only for MoH audio files as the audio source. If a live feed is or a USB device is used as the audio source, complete these steps to reduce the MoH volume:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Click on Sounds and Multimedia.
  3. Go to the Audio tab. Under Sound Recording, click on Volume and adjust the volume there. The changes take effect immediately after you hit the OK button.

For additional information, refer to CallManager Music on Hold Frequently Asked Questions.