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How to calculate the rate of 408/480/INVITEs from the pegcount log file output in comparison to the SNMP output in Call Session Control Platform (CSCP) 2.0

Core Issue

The output of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) calculates the ratio of total outbound messages, and not inbound and outbound messages. To arrive at an accurate value, compare the output of SNMP with the output of the pegcount log file, and refer to the outbound messages only.


To calculate the ratio of 408/480/INVITEs from the pegcount log file in comparison to SNMP output, perform these steps:

  1. Log into the system where Edge Proxy (EP) resides.
  2. Navigate to the Install_dir/log directory.
  3. Look at the Delta data for outbound messages only. The third column on the left of the log file displays this data.

    For example:

    Message  Delta In Initial  Delta Out Initial
    INVITE  1152  1152

  4. Add up the values of Delta Out Initial of 408s and Delta Out Initial of INVITEs.
  5. Divide the total outbound values of 408s by the total outbound values of INVITES to arrive at a ratio.
  6. Compare this value with the output of the SNMP server. The values must be close to each other.

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