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How to change the inter-digit timeouts in Cisco Unity prompts

Core Issue

When Cisco Unity asks users to enter their extension, Unity occasionally times out before they can enter this information.


The inter-digit timeout between Cisco Unity prompts can be changed. To change the inter-digit timeout, perform this procedure:

  1. On the System Administrator web page, go to Conversation on the left-hand side (under System).

  2. Click Settings.

  3. The Responding to Phone Menus section is now visible. Use this section to specify how Cisco Unity interacts with callers when responding to phone menus.

In this section, specify how long Cisco Unity waits for each caller to respond to a prompt. This setting is also known as the First Digit Timeout. The range of valid entries includes wait times from 500 to 10,000 milliseconds before a first key is pressed.

Note: The default setting for First Digit Timeout is 5000 milliseconds.

For more information, refer Subscriber Template Conversation Settings section of the document Subscriber Template Settings.

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