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how to change the status of "DisplayOnIfIncomingCall" to on

IMG00771-20110920-1725.jpg hi all,

I have make some CP7975 to register to the CME (C2921 IOS Version 15.1(3)T),

after that, I found the phone can not go to the power save mode automatically, so I configured those commands,


service phone displayIdleTimeout 00:01
service phone displayOnDuration 00:10
service phone displayIdelTimeout 00:10
service phone daysDisplayNotActive 1,7

and now the phones can go to the power save mode automatically after some inactive timer.

but now I find other problem, phones can not Display on while a call is coming, I look for the and google it, but got nothing about it. I can not find the command to change the status of the phone from disable to enable.

so can anyone can help me or give me some advice?

thanks in advance !!!

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2011-10-03 09-39-05 PM.png

hi all,

I  just found the way to change the DisplayOnIfIncomingCall option on in CUCM, but I can not still found the way to configure it in CUCME, can anyone help me ? Have you met this problem before?

thanks in advance!!!!!!!