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How to change thread pool size in the TTDAS

Core Issue

If the thread pool is set too low, the TimesTen Data Authority Server (TTDAS) does not allow the clients to push as many requests as possible from the network elements.


To change the thread pool size in TTDAS, perform this procedure:
  1. Issue the nehost>dscli command and enter dynamicsoft CLI 3.2 to log in to Operation Administration Management (OAM).
  2. Issue the nehost>enable command and enter dsuser's password: *** to change to privilege mode.
  3. Issue the nehost(priv-/)>element TTDAS1 command to change to the TTDAS1 context.
  4. Issue the nehost(priv-/TTDAS1)>configure terminal command to enter configuration mode.
  5. Issue the nehost(config-/TTDAS1)#TTDAS TimesTen poolSize 30 command to increase the thread pool size in the TTDAS.
  6. Issue the nehost(config-/TTDAS1)#commit command to commit the configuration.
  7. Issue the nehost(priv-/)>element TTDAS1 restart command to restart TTDAS1 and allow the new changes to take affect.

Note: Complete this configuration on every TTDAS instance.

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