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How to change voice mail recording time settings in Cisco Unity

Core Issue

The recordings page can be used to change the various timers, such as recording time limit and the silence threshold time, before the recording is cancelled. The recordings page contains settings for recording time limits and for silence thresholds (the amount of silence before Cisco Unity assumes the caller is no longer on the line) before, during, and after recordings.

By default, Cisco Unity supports the 8 KB/second Mu-law codec. A one-minute message recorded with this codec results in a file size of approximately 480 KB.


To change the timer settings, go to System > Configuration > Recordings Page on the System Administrator web page.

For example, if you want to change the silence interval that follows the end of the recording of the message, you can set the value for the Allow How Much Silence Before Time Out in Seconds field in the recordings page. A value of two or three is recommended. Lower values may not give the subscriber or caller enough time to begin speaking.

For more information, refer to the Recording Settings section of  Cisco Unity System Administration Guide, Release 3.0(1) - System Settings.

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