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How to check the number of Sonic connections in TIME_WAIT status or IN_USE by Sonic broker

Core Issue

If the Sonic queues are backed up, the commands in this document display how many connections are IN_USE and how many connections are in TIME_WAIT status. If the number of connections in TIME_WAIT status is extremely high (for example 1000), contact the Cisco Support Team.

Note: The TIME_WAIT status is a state into which all the TCP connections enter when the connection is closed. The TIME_WAIT state is used to handle problems that can occur in the network, related to unreliable or delayed packet delivery. Accordingly, TCP holds connections for a temporary waiting period (TIME_WAIT) to ensure that any delayed packets are caught and not treated as new connection requests.


To find the number of Sonic connections in TIME_WAIT status, issue either of these commands:

  • nehost>netstat -an |grep TIME |grep 2606 192.XX.XX.XX.2606  24820      0 24820      0 TIME_WAIT  192.XX.XX.XX.60416 24820      0 24820      0 TIME_WAIT
  • nehost> netstat -an |grep TIME |grep 2606|wc -l

To display Sonic connections IN_USE, issue the nehost>netstat -an|grep 2606|wc -l command.

Note: These are just examples. The IP address and the port can vary depending on the configuration of the machine.

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