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How to collect Service Agent (SA) logs and configuration files

Core Issue

SA logs and configuration files are used to troubleshoot connectivity errors with Data Authority Server (DAS), Sonic, and other elements.


Complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to the /opt/dynamicsoft/log directory and look for the log file for the element that you are troubleshooting.

    The log file names contain the element name:

      Service Engine (SE) se_error.log

      Data Exchange (DE) dsde.log

      Edge Proxy (EP) ep_error.log/dsedge.log

      Data GateWay (DGW) dsdgw.log

      Sonic sonic.log

  2. In order to find information about Naming Server, Sonic, server-groups and other elements, change to the INSTALL_DIR/cfg directory for the element.

    For example, dsde.cfg and dsde.mgmt are located under INSTALL_DIR/cfg where INSTALL_DIR is the directory where the DE element is installed.

  3. The nohup files are used for troubleshooting startup and connectivity issues. For instance, the file shows whether the element is connected to Sonic or lost connectivity to Sonic.

    In order to view these nohup files, change to their INSTALL_DIR/bin directory.

      a. For DGW:


      b. For DE:


      c. For EP:


      d. For SE: