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How to configure and debug Bellcore style call transfer for an ATA-initiated conference call


Refer to the Bellcore Style section of How To use Pre-call and Mid-Call Services.

To configure the Bellcore style call conference, perform these steps:

  1. Issue the dual line ephone-dn command for Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA). 

  2. Issue the transfer-system full-consult command.    

  3. Issue the transfer-pattern xxx command, where xxx should match the number you want to conference (transfer-pattern .T).    

  4. Set the ConnectMode in ATA web configuration as 0x90000400.

From the debug, when you perform the first hookflash to hold the current call, the system thinks it is the transfer event, as shown:

ephone-3[2][ATA00070EDCCD03]:SoftKeyEventMessage event 4 line 1 callref 15 
(event 4 means transfer)

When you perform the second hookflash, the system knows it is for a conference event, and the Cisco CallManager Express connects the conference bridge, as shown:

ephone-3[2][ATA00070EDCCD03]:SoftKeyEventMessage event 13 line 1 callref 17 
(event 13 means conference)

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ATA 180 Series Analog Telephone Adaptor

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