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How to configure Cisco Personal Assistant and Cisco Unity integration


The Cisco Personal Assistant (PA) voice-recognition feature allows you to use spoken commands over the phone to call other phones and navigate through your Cisco Unity voicemail system and several other features. In addition to spoken commands, PA understands commands that you give through your touch tone key pad.

For more information on the configuration steps required to enable PA integration with Cisco Unity to use PA to send and receive voicemail, refer to Configuring Cisco Personal Assistant and Cisco Unity Integration.

Note: You must have already configured the Cisco Unity and Cisco CallManager integration so users can send and receive voice mail by interacting with Cisco Unity directly. If you have not done this, refer to these documents:

You must also have configured the integration of Cisco CallManager and PA so users can use PA to call other users. If you have not done this, refer to Understanding and Verifying Cisco Personal Assistant and CallManager Integration.