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How to configure fax pass-through over IP using a Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway running MGCP

Core Issue

The VG224 supports fax machines and modems. When using fax machines, the VG224 supports Cisco fax relay, T.38 fax relay, and fax pass-through. Cisco or T.38 fax relay technologies allow the transfer of faxes across the network with high reliability using less bandwidth than a voice call. All modems can be connected to the VG224 and are transferred over the network using modem pass-through.


The configuration of Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) fax pass-through on Cisco voice gateways is similar to the configuration of MGCP VoIP calls. The configuration is done by means of several commands in addition to a standard VoIP configuration. The same configuration must be present on the originating and terminating gateways.

For detailed steps and all the commands, refer to the Configuring Fax Pass-Through section of the Cisco Fax Services over IP Application Guide.

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