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How to configure MoH that uses external fixed audio source like Radio/USB Adapter in the Cisco CallManager 5.x


The Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application is dependent on the Linux sound card device driver interfaces in order to allow the application to read audio data from the sound card, convert it into necessary Music on Hold (MOH) codec audio data and transmit the MOH audio stream(s) to the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Driver. The preferred sound card is an external USB device.

The MOH server uses the media convergence server series hardware platform. A Cisco USB sound adaptor that is installed on the same computer as the MOH server application provides the external fixed audio source, which can be a looping tape recorder, radio, or CD.

If the MCS server has A Cisco USB sound adaptor installed on it, then it is only able to use the fixed audio source. It can be verified first on the CLI command of the Cisco CallManager 5.x server.

admin: show tech system 

if it shows there is a USB adapter installed on it, then it can be used as external source.

For each cluster, you can define one fixed audio source. You must set up the fixed audio source that is configured for each cluster on each MOH server, which can be ordered separately.

The audio input device for MOH for Cisco CallManager 5.0 and Cisco CallManager 5.1 appliances is MOH-USB-AUDIO=, which can be ordered separately through normal ordering channels from Cisco.

Refer to the Fixed Music On Hold Audio Source Configuration section of Music On Hold for more information.

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