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How to configure the alerts and email notification in RTMT?





This document covers the procedure on how to configure the custom alerts and setup email notification in Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)




Real-Time Monitoring Tool is the ability for the tool to send e-mails when an alert is triggered. In this example we will see how to set up a simple alert, which sends an e-mail when less than 5 MTP resources are available to the helpdesk recipients.


Perform the following procedure to configure e-mail information for alert notification. As a prerequisite for email alerts make sure you configure the email server.




1. Log in RTMT Tool


2. Add the performance counter you want to create an alert in the monitoring page

Choose System > Performance > Open Performance


3. Add the Resource Available counter from Cisco MTP Device from the Tree


4. Specify an Instance/ Device to monitor - Double-click it to monitor the counter


5. Add the counter and then configure the alerts by right-clicking the counter and Selecting Set Alert/Properties


6. Alert Properties: General window will open


  • Check the "Enable Alert" checkbox
  • Specify, Severity : Warning
  • Specify, Description for the alert as "Available MTP resources" and
  • Specify, Recommended action


7. Click Next


8. Next comes the Threshold & Duration Window - Specify the threshold Value

  • Specify Threshold: Trigger alert when following condition is met as : Under 5 (as per requirement)
  • Specify, Value Calculated As : Absolute (as per requirement)
  • Duration : Trigger alert only when value constantly below or over threshold for 60 seconds




9. Click Next


10. Frequency & Schedule window will appear


11. Select the Frequency and Schedule

  • Frequency : Trigger alert on every poll
  • Schedule : Trigger Alert everyday (Scheduled Monitoring between)
    - Mention the Start Time and End Time


12. Click Next


13. Finally Email Notification window will appear




  • Check "Enable email" checkbox
  • Mention the "User-defined email text" to be mailed while triggering the alert

14. Select the "Trigger Alert Action" from the drop-down

-- This specify the list of users who shall receive an alert e-mail.


1. On "Alert Properties: Email Notification" Window
choose > Trigger Alert Action > Click Configure


2. "Alert Action" Window will open. Click > Add


3. "Action Configuration" window will open

  • Specify a Name, Description of the action
  • Add a recipient by Clicking Add
  • When the new window appears, enter an email address in "Enter email/epage address field"



4. Click Ok

- Repeat this for adding each recipient


15. Click Save


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New Member

This is very helpful.  Do you know of any articles or guidelines for best Practices of what to monitor?  Their are so many possibilities that even navigating through the list is a little overwhelming.