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How to create a new schema in Subscriber Feature Proxy (SFP)


To create a new schema and loading default data for SFP, perform these Oracle procedures:

  1. Copy the /dssfp/tools/createdb.tar.gz file to the server and directory that is running Oracle under the Oracle user's home directory. The user Oracle needs to own the createdb directory.
  2. Log in to the DB server as user Oracle, and go to the createdb.tar.gz file.
  3. Unzip the gunzip createdb.tar.gz file.
  4. Untar the tar -xvf createdb.tar file.
  5. Change the cd createdb/oracle directory.
  6. Set the ORACLE_HOME variable.
  7. Set the ORACLE_SID variable to ORACLE_SID="instance_name".
  8. Run the perl script to create the schema, schema owner, pre-populate data, and realm, as shown:

    ./ --loaddemoschema --loaddata "realm"

For additional information, refer to the SFP administrator guide version 3.x, "Creating the Subscriber Provisioning Database."

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