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How to customize meeting notifications in Cisco MeetingPlace for Outlook

Core Issue

Meeting notifications are sent to meeting invitees when users schedule a meeting. By default, each notification includes a text notification that users see when they open a meeting notification and a form-based notification that they see if they click the MeetingPlace tab.

When users open a notification for a Cisco MeetingPlace meeting, they initially    see a text-based notification that contains the information they need in order    to attend the meeting. If they click the MeetingPlace tab, they can view similar    information as a form. By default, each notification includes both the text-based    information and the notification form.


You can choose the information and options to view in the Cisco MeetingPlace for Outlook scheduling and notification forms. You can also customize either of these notifications.

To customize the text-based notification, refer to Customizing Text-Based Meeting Notifications.

To customize the form-based notification, refer to Customizing the Scheduling and Notification Forms.

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