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How to determine the JTAPI version, given only the jtapi.jar file

Core Issue

There are installations of Personal Assistant (PA), AC and Cisco Emergency Responder (CER), which now bundle the Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI) version. You need to check that version.


Install the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console. It installs and uses its own local jtapi.jar file.

This is the directory of C:\Program Files\Cisco\Call Manager Attendant Console\lib:

04/28/2004  12:55p      <DIR>          .

04/28/2004  12:55p      <DIR>          ..

11/06/2003  01:20p             650,280 ac.jar

11/06/2003  01:20p             206,289 crimson.jar

07/15/2003  08:02a             753,209 jtapi.jar

11/06/2003  01:20p             352,668 log4j.jar


To find out the version of the jtapi.jar file, set the jtapi.jar classpath and then type java CiscoJtapiVersion.

For example:

C:\Program Files\Cisco\Call Manager Attendant Console\lib>java -cp .\jtapi.jar CiscoJtapiVersion
Cisco JTAPI Version 1.4(3.8) Release
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