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How to Disable audio/video/data Protocols on the C-series, EX-series and E20 Endpoints





This document provides information on how to disable any audio/video/data protocols on the C-Series, EX-series and E20 Endpoints.


Core Issue

Configure the endpoint to communicate using specific audio, video and data protocols in both SIP and H.323 calls.



Any audio/video/data protocols can be disabled on the C-series, EX-series and E20 endpoints through the use of the capset filter functionality. This is available through the GUI, web interface or API and can be used to remove any and all protocols you don't need for communications.


Here are some quick examples:

force G.722.1 -> disable all other:
xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "AAC-LD;G.722;G.711a;G.711mu;G.729AB;G.729;G.729A"

disable H.263
xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "H.263"

Disable H.239/BFCP:
xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "H.239Ctrl"

Disable support for RTCP-Feedback i.e. video fast updates over the RTCP channel
xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "RTCP-Feedback"

xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: ""


This command will not reset after boot, so please remember to use the reset command.



Thanks to Jordan Owens for this information.



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New Member

How would you filter H.263+

Found it in the TelePresence Endpoint Technical Handbook.  It's H.263PP