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How to disable FXS port 2 on 18x ATA?




This document describes how to disable FXS port 2 on 18x ATA


Core Issue

Port 2 of 18x ATA is constantly trying to register to CUCM 7.x and wants to disable it.





To disable the second analog Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) port on the ATA


Use value 0 to disable the port(s) you are not using:

  • EPID1 or SID1 for Line 2 or Port 2


By default, both Cisco ATA FXS ports are enabled for Cisco CallManager registration. If you do not want to add the Phone 2 FXS port to Cisco CallManager, you must change the Cisco ATA EPID1orSID1 parameter value to 0 to disable the Phone 2 port. (To disable the Phone 1 port, you must change the EPID0orSID0 parameter value to 0)


SIDx specifies whether to enable the Phone 1 and/or Phone 2 ports on the Cisco ATA to register with Cisco CallManager. (EPIDx is not for SCCP.) SIDx can be one of these values:


  • 0 - Disables the port. The port does not attempt to register with Cisco CallManager.
  • . or - Uses the default Skinny ID, which is the Cisco ATA MAC address (MAC) for the Phone 1 port and MAC[1-5]+01 for the Phone 2 port. The port attempts to register with Cisco CallManager.You need to fabricate a MAC address for the Phone 2 port by dropping the two left-most digits from the Cisco ATA MAC address and add the digits 01 to the right-most portion of the MAC address.



Example - If the MAC address of the Cisco ATA is 00070EA26032, then the fabricated MAC address for the Phone 2

port would be 070EA2603201.



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I have the same issue whith the new ATA 190. I need disable FXS Port 2, but I can't.

When I logged with admin/admin at the ATA Admin Web Page appear "Line 2" - Line Enable to "Yes"  but Impossible to change this to "No".


How can change this parameter?


Thanks so much!