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How to disable the annunciator message

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The annunciator in the media resource group list (MRGL) for a site is not configured, but when an invalid number is dialed, the Your call can not be completed as dialed message plays


An annunciator is a software function of the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application that provides the ability to stream spoken messages or various call progress tones from the system. It is able to send multiple one-way Real-Time Protocol (RTP) streams to devices such as Cisco IP phones or gateways, and it uses Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) messages in order to establish the RTP stream. The device must be capable of SCCP in order to utilize this feature. Tones and announcements are predefined by the system. The announcements support localization and also can be customized. In order to do this, replace the appropriate .wav file. The annunciator supports G.711 a-law and mu-law, G.729, and Wideband codecs without any transcoding resources.

An annunciator is automatically created in the system when the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application is activated on a server. If the Media Streaming Application is deactivated, the annunciator is also deleted

The annunciator registers with a single Cisco Unified CallManager at a time, as defined by its device pool. It automatically fails over to a secondary Cisco Unified CallManager if a secondary is configured for the device pool. Any announcement that plays at the time of an outage is not maintained.

An annunciator is considered a media device, and it can be included in media resource groups (MRGs) in order to control which annunciator is selected for use by phones and gateways.

In order to disable, check the Run Flag field under Service > Service Parameters > Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App. This determines whether the annunciator functionality of the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application is enabled.

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I want to use my customer re-ordered annunciator message instead of system defined .How can i do that ?