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How to disable the barge beep in Cisco CallManager 4.x


In Cisco CallManager 4.0, the barge beep can be turned off with the Party Entrance Tone service parameter by going to Cisco CallManager administration > Service > Service Parameter Menu.

This parameter determines whether a tone is be played when a party joins or exits a call with more than two parties. These features play a tone based on this parameter:

  • Barge
  • cBarge
  • Conference
  • Join
  • Meet-Me conference

This tone-playing capability is also limited to the controlling device capability. Only those device types that have a built-in bridge (such as Cisco IP phone models 7940, 7960 and newer) can play a tone to all parties.

When the controlling device is no longer present in the call or lacks the capability, the tone is played to all parties, even if this parameter is True. Valid values are True (play tone) or False (do not play tone). This is a required field. The default value is True.

For additional information, refer to Barge and Privacy.

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