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How to enable an audible notification when IP phones are set to Auto Answer for the IPCC agents in the Cisco CallManager 4.x

Core Issue

When the IP Contact Center (IPCC) agents have Auto Answer enabled on their headsets, they also require some notification of call delivery. They do not receive any audible notifications when a new call arrives and the call connects.


In order to enable an audible notification with zip tones on the IP phones so that an agent hears a tone before the call connects, choose True for the Tone on connect Cisco CallManager service parameter. This parameter determines whether a tone plays to the IP phone in order to indicate that media starts to stream. The valid values for this parameter are True, which plays a tone, or False, which does not play a tone, and the default is False.

This Global Parameter affects all the phones in the cluster, not only the selected phones or the phones that are set for Auto Answer

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