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How to enable or disable server-side accounting on the EP

Core Issue

Server-side accounting refers to the accounting for the side of the call where the network element acts as the server (receives a Session Initiation Protocol [SIP] request [incoming INVITE/BYE]). Once enabled, the server-side accounting behavior is further defined by triggers for server-side transactions.


To enable or disable the server-side accounting functionality, login to the Edge Proxy (EP) machine and perform these steps:

  1. Issue the telnet localhost < 8070> command to login to the EP Command Line Interface (CLI).

  2. At the dsedge> prompt, issue the context aaa command to change the context to context aaa.

  3. Issue the acct-server-side -s on command to enable accounting.

  4. Issue the acct-server-side -s off command to disable accounting.

  5. Issue this command to verify the status of server-side accounting:

    dsedge[aaa]>view acct-server-side 
    acct-server-side  on

For more information, refer to Chapter 16: RADIUS Setup of the Edge Proxy Administration Guide. Note: The Cisco CSCP documentation set is restricted. Please contact your Cisco representative for access information.

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