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How to generate Information Capture Log (infocap) for troubleshooting


    Information Capture Log provides a very detailed information of the MPE system and possible issues. TAC needs infocap for detailed troubleshooting. It can be generated by the following steps:


    From Web


    Step 1 Log in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express as admin.


    Step 2 Click Administration at the top of the page.


    Step 3 On the left side of the page:


    a. Click Services.

    b. Click Logs.

    c. Click View System Information Capture.


    Step 4 On the View System Information Capture page, enter or change the values in the fields, which are described in the "About This Page: View System Information Capture" section.


    Step 5 Click View Logs.


    Step 6 At the confirmation message, click OK.


    From Command Line


    Step 1 Login to MPE system via SSH using account mpxadmin


    Step 2 Use the command infocap


    USAGE: infocap [-b BEGINTIME -e ENDTIME] [-i INFOFILE]



     BEGINTIME is the date/time to start capture
    ENDTIME is the date/time to stop capture

    The time format is [YY]MMDDHHMM.  If the year is not given, the current year is assumed.


    Step 3 Transfer the file to your desktop via FTP or SAMBA or SFTP or WinSCP.


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