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How to grant a user the rights to edit call handler recordings in Cisco Unity


In order to grant these rights, add a new user with the Default Administration Template and define a new class of service (COS).

A class of service defines the limits and permissions for Cisco Unity. For example, a COS:

  • Controls access to the Cisco Unity Administrator and to features, such as text-to-speech, e-mail, or live reply.

  • Controls how subscribers interact with Cisco Unity. For example, a COS dictates the maximum length of subscriber messages and greetings, whether subscribers can choose to be listed in directory assistance, and whether subscribers can send messages to a public distribution list.

  • Specifies the restriction table that is used in order to control the phone numbers subscribers can use for fax delivery, message notification, call transfer, and other tasks.

A COS is specified in each subscriber template. Thus, a subscriber is assigned to the COS that is specified in the template upon which the subscriber account is based.

Refer to Class of Service Settings for more information.

Unity Version

Unity 4.x