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How to install the CDR Analysis and Reporting plugin with Cisco CallManager 3.2 and later


The Cisco CallManager Serviceability Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis and Reporting (CAR) tool generates reports of information for quality of service, traffic, user call volume, billing, and gateways.

Refer to the Installing the CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR) Plugin section of CDR Analysis and Reporting in order to install the CAR plugin with Cisco CallManager release 3.2 and later.

After the procedure outlined in the document is performed, activate or enable the CDR insert service on the Publisher. From the Cisco CallManager Admin page, choose Tools > Service Activation. Choose the Publisher, and activate the CDR Insert Service.

Refer to these documents for more information:


Note: The CAR does not install the Cisco Tomcat web server. It uses the Cisco Tomcat service installed by Cisco CallManager, so the Cisco Tomcat service must be active. While you install or uninstall CAR, other applications that use the Cisco Tomcat service are not accessible because CAR installation or uninstallation stops this service for a while.