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How to play two different voice mail Subscriber greetings for two extensions that are assigned to the same Cisco Unity Subscriber

Core Issue

The purpose of alternative greetings is to have them play after hours or in special times or dates. Currently, if a greeting other than the main is active (due to the schedule or something else) it plays for all extensions for that Subscriber.


In Cisco Unity, although more than one extension for a Subscriber can be specified under Subscriber > Alternate Extensions, the voice mail greeting played  for all these extensions is the same. One Subscriber is associated with  one mailbox in Exchange, so it can have only one active greeting at a time.

Multiple greetings can be configured to play for a Subsciber only on the  basis of different time intervals, but the active greeting played remains  same for all extensions associated with that Subscriber.

For more information, refer to the Subscriber Greetings Settings section of Subscriber Settings.

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