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How to query the SA 2.0 MPDS databases for the current percentage utilized for each data file

Core Issue

To avoid running out of space, it is important to track the utilized size for each data file on each Oracle database.


To query the Service Agent (SA) 2.0 Master Provisioning Data Store (MPDS) for the percentage of each data file utilized in Oracle databases, perform these steps:

  1. Login to both Oracle databases through SQLPlus (enter sqlplus) as the "system" user.

  2. Run this command:

    select t.file_name, sum(f.bytes), t.bytes, (sum(f.bytes)/t.bytes)*100 from dba_free_space f, dba_data_files t where t.file_id = f.file_id group by t.file_name, f.file_id, t.bytes;

    This is an e
    xample of the command output:

    ------------ ---------- --------------------------
      10420224  10485760  99.375
      384499712  419430400  91.671875
      104726528  104857600  99.875

Note: This output represents the current free space for each data file.

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