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How to resolve delay issues experienced by Cisco Unity subscribers with TUI in version 3.x and later


Some or all Cisco Unity subscribers experience delays upon login to the mailbox. The subscribers may also experience delays when these users retrieve, forward,    or delete messages over the Telephone User Interface (TUI).

Delays may be intermittent or consistent for one or more users. Delays in the subscriber conversation can persist for a few seconds or for a significant duration. These delays impact the functionality of the Cisco Unity system.

This problem may happen in any version of Cisco Unity in which the mailstore and the Unity server are in separate locations. This situation is common in Cisco Unity versions 3.0(x) or later.

For information on how to troubleshoot delays that Cisco Unity subscribers experience when they log in, retrieve, forward, and delete messages over the TUI, refer to Cisco Unity: Delays in the Subscriber Conversation.