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How to send a global broadcast message for emergency outage notification to all the Cisco Unity voice mail users


In order to accomplish this, configure these:

  • a Distribution List

  • a Call Handler

  • a computer telephony interface (CTI) Route Point in Cisco CallManager

In order to add a Distribution List, complete these steps:

  1. Open the SA Web page, and choose Public Distribution Lists from the menu on the left, under Subscribers.

  2. Type a name, such as Emergency_VM, under New distribution list. Click Add.

  3. Open the Members menu.

  4. Choose Add Selected Subscribers.

  5. Click Find. This displays all the subscribers on the Cisco Unity server.

    From here, it possible to choose all the subscribers to be added to the list, so that whenever a message is sent to this Distribution List, the voice mail is received by all the members of this list. In order to choose multiple subscribers at once, press CTRL and select each user, and click Add to List.

  6. Now, choose View and Find. This shows all the subscribers successfully added to the list.

In order to add a Call Handler, complete these steps:

  1. Choose Call Management > Call Handler > Add.

  2. Type a name, such as EmergencyCH, and click Add.

  3. Assign it an extension, such as 4000, and click Save.

  4. Choose the Greetings menu on the left. From here it is possible to record a greeting or choose Blank. Click Save.

  5. From the Messages menu on the left, choose Message recipient: Public Distribution List.

  6. Click Select and choose the Distribution List just created, which is Emergency_VM in this example.

  7. Click Save.

In order to create a CTI Route Point, complete these steps:

  1. Choose Cisco CallManager in Device > CTI Route Point.

  2. Add a new CTI Route Point.

  3. Type a name, such as Emergency_VM.

  4. Assign it a Device Pool and Calling Search Space (CSS) that reaches the Voice Mail Profile.

  5. Insert the Directory Number assigned for the Call Handler, which is 4000 in this example.

  6. Assign a partition that the phone can reach.

  7. Assign a Voice Mail Profile and a CSS that reaches it.

  8. Check Forward All to VoiceMail.

  9. Update and reset the device.

In order to test the configuration, complete these steps:

  1.    Call into the CTI Route Point extension, which is 4000 in this example. This sends the call into the Call Handler. If a greeting is recorded, it plays. If no greeting is recorded, a beep signal sounds.

  2.    Record a message, for example,  Emergency meeting at noon, be there.

  3.    Hang up.

  4.    Verify the IP phones of the subscribers added to the Public Distribution List, all of them should receive the voice mail message.

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